Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nexalin Field Study Final Report

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January 19 to Feb 2, 2008

Cori and Randy - Germany

DVDs with video interviews, photographs and daily logs are available from Parkinsons Rebels upon request

Feb 22, 2008

Cori and I have now been back from Germany for almost 3 weeks. Since returning I’ve reinstated my vitamin usage including Vitamin E, Vitamin C and 1200 units of Co-Q-10. It is also worth mentioning that I have, in coordination with my neurologist, modified my Sinemet intake reducing the intake of CR, controlled release, and increasing an effective equivalent amount of IR, instant release.

These changes being noted, it is worth mentioning that my general condition seems to have improved. These improvements include a reduction in pain, particularly in my neck. Also I seem to have a general feeling of increased energy with a reduction in afternoon and evening fatigue. These improvements are variable with subject to day-to-day fluctuations, as is typical of Parkinson’s. I mention these improvements anecdotally and have no idea if they are the result of Nexalin therapy, changes in my protocol, or just the normal cycle of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Accompanying this final report is a table which presents the before and after symptoms of the participating Parkinson’s patients in this review. It should be noted that although there were 7 participating in the study, there are only 6 with before and after evaluations. The one non-participant, did not speak English and had trouble communicating with the group.

The list of symptoms was developed by the participating patient’s and is in no way intended to be a scientific analysis. It is merely a representation of the most prevalent symptoms in the lives of these Parkinson’s patients at this point in time. The symptoms are subjectively rated by the participating patients as to severity and significance in their daily life. They are rated with a factor varying from 1 to 10, 1 being a modest effect on their daily life and 10 being a major effect to their daily life.

When comparing the before and after evaluations with each individual with their post therapy interview, it appears that there might be a disparity. Rick, Paul and Bill each indicated in their post-therapy interview that they had realized “significant improvement” from the Nexalin treatment. These three patients were very happy with the results.

Rick indicated that he had realized a significant reduction in anxiety, depression, dystonia, dyskinesia and tremor. His before and after analysis, shows a general reduction in symptoms, with a dramatic reduction in anxiety. Rick was elated with the program and indicated that he would return in the coming months and years. He also indicated that after his prior session with Nexalin he had cut his medication in half; and that he had reduced again after this visit.

On the before and after analysis of Paul you can see a modest reduction in all symptoms, with the exception of gait disorder. After his therapy sessions were complete Paul indicated that he was very happy with the results that he would be returning for Nexalin Therapy and he felt significant improvement. Unfortunately due to the time factor we were unable to videotape Paul after he completed his therapy program. Although Paul indicated significant improvements, from all appearances he looked unchanged. Paul’s predominate symptom is bradykinesia for which he noted substantial improvement. This does not mean that his bradykinesia is gone. It is also worthy of mention that Paul has never taken the standard pharmaceutical protocol’s for Parkinson’s.

In the post therapy with Bill, he stated that he was very happy with the dramatic results that he had received. He indicated that on his arrival in Germany he was unable to walk more than 3 steps. He was compelled to arrange transportation from the Hotel to the clinic. The brief videotape shows Bill walking from the hotel to the clinic on the last day of therapy. Bill was very thankful to Nexalin and God for his “dramatic improvement.”

In the before and after evaluation both Herman and Randy both indicate a modest reduction in symptoms, with one exception, being the modest increase in dystonia by Herman. Nonetheless, Randy, Herman and Mike all indicate that they had received no noticeable benefits from Nexalin therapy. Like everything else in the Parkinson’s community results are variable.

There is no doubt that some Parkinson’s patients have benefitted from their Nexalin therapy. These results seem to be variable, from reduction in tremor to reduction in depression, anxiety and everything in between. There is no apparent rational which explains why some people receive benefits and some don’t.

If you are a Parky, and if you have occasion to go to Germany or an interest in visiting Bad Nauheim, Germany, you might want to schedule a visit to the Nexalin Clinic. They are a group of dedicated and sincere health care workers trying to deliver a benefit to the community. Who knows, maybe you will be one of those that receive dramatic improvement. If you go, please write the Parkinson’s Rebels about your experience so that we can update our files.

--R.J. Calvert

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Week Review

It is one week since my last Nexalin therepy session in Germany. I have been waiting and watching for signs of improvement which I can attribute to this therapy. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case.

I am working on the final report. I am waiting on the self-evaluation of symtoms form which was provided to each of the patients. I hope to recieve these shortly. Meanwhile I am attempting to edit the video material down to something useful.

I can report that three of the seven Parkinsons patients reported dramatic improvement. All three were very happy with the therapy and their results. (Video interviews will be proded in the final report) This fact alone should be encouraging to the Parkinsons community. Almost half of the patients got good results.

--R.J. Calvert

Friday, February 1, 2008

Session 10, Day 13

Had my usual electropulse therapy this morning. All went smoothly. No noticeable effects. All my local associates, patients and staff, caution me not to come to a hasty conclusion. They believe that beneficial effects can continue for up to 12 weeks. I will keep you informed.

The remainder of the day will be spent doing interviews, videos, photographs, and before/after forms. The results of the study, along with photos and video, will be provided in the coming weeks. Reports will be made available on DVD to interested parties.

Parkinson’s Rebels, along with Cori and Randy personally, would like to thank all parties for their assistance and contributions to this study. In particular we would like to thank; Gabi and Traugott Arens, Paul Ballmer, Elizabeth Boewe, Heide Cuntz, Bill Hasewinkle, Michael Kelly, Ray and Terry Pizinger, Linda and Rick Rucker, and Hermann Terweiden.

Cori and Randy will be closing down the Bad Nauheim, Germany field office of Parkinson’s Rebels tomorrow. We are both looking forward to watching the Superbowl on Sunday at home.

We would like to caution all readers that this is not a scientific study but, the experience of a Parkinson’s patient.
R.J. Calvert

Session 9, Day 12

Did the ususal electropulse therapy. No noticeable changes. Had long discussions with Nexalin representatives who seem to feel that I am recieving benefits. They also emphasize what the veteran patients say, that I should watch for benefits to appear for up to 12 weeks following therapy.

Had lunch with the other patients and Nexalin representatives, everybody is in good spirits.

The rest of the day was spent in taking care of errands (the great American past-time of shopping). Cori and I are looking forward to being back home.

Tomorrow we will conduct final interviews with the other patients. Results of these interviews will probably be given next week. The patients will also be completeing a rating of their post threatment symptoms. This information will also be made available next week.

Will report again tomorrow,
Randy & Cori
R.J. Calvert

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Therapy Session 8, Day 11

Slept well. Had our 10 a.m. electropulse therapy. Felt fine going in but left with a sharp headache. I don't know if it was a result of the therapy but it seems likely. Now, 4 hours, and 4 ibuprofen, later, things seem to be going back to my normal symptoms.

It looks like it is going to be a lazy day. The local library is providing us with a wealth of english books and DVD movies. Weather continues to be cold and gray.

If anything exciting happens we will report tomorrow.

Cori and Randy

Therapy Session 7, Day 10

Nexalin got headline exposure in todays Viartis, Parkinsons daily news. We were featured in articles which describe Nexalin and its program for Parkinsons patients.

Randy completed his 7th therapy session with elctropulse therapy. As always, he felt nothng as he relaxed for 40 minutes. It is worth mentioning, in general Randy seems to be feeling improved. He still has dyskinesia, neck pain, headaches, and multiple other symptoms. This general feeling of improvement may be triggered by the improvements of the Parkys around him.

Bill Haweswinkle states that he is walking better than he has in many months. He says he can go futher and is more agile than he had been in the recent past. In addition, he was excited to tell us that he was able to turn over in bed last night for the first time in many months. The excitement is growiung for this 73 year old parky.

Rick Rucker also states that he is experiencing reduced pain and improved spirits. Although the improvements seem modest, combined they show a general positive trend which Rick expects to continue to improve after his departure on Saturday.

All three of the veteran patients have stated that their improvements in the past have continued way beyond the last day of therapy. According to them, they will continue to improve for 4 - 8 weeks and then level off for approximately 6 months.

After the morning therapies the whole group traveled to the residence of Hermann and Heidi and visited the "Snail House". This is a retreat for Parkinsons pateints in the area. It was very interesting and incorporated many innovative technologies and adaptations for the Parkinsons lifestyle. These included a wheelchair/bicycle combination, a vibrating exercising machine, a massage recliner, adapted bathrooms etc. Our German Parkinsons host and hostess set a beautiful table with many locally made cakes.

The evening ended with a delicious traditional German meal in a local resturant.

R.J. Calvert

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nexalin Therapy Review

Nexalin Therapy Review
Monday, January 28, 2008
Day 9, Therapy session 6

We began our second week of therapy sessions this morning. Same as last week. Unlike last week, I found it difficult to sleep during the session. Still no noticeable changes in my symptoms.

Some of the other patients are saying that they are getting improvements. This will be documented on Friday.

The patients have developed their own symptom rating form with the following symptoms being rated on a Before/After basis. Tremor, bradykinesia, dystonia, dyskinesia, gait disorder, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, neck pain, nerve pain, nerve disorder, depression, anxiety, multi-task disorder, fatigue, and hyper-activity.

The weather remains cold and grey

All goes well
--R.J. Calvert